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From digital sensors to the key technology of process analytics – discover the new Memosens products from Knick at ACHEMA.

We would like to invite you to experience many of the new Memosens developments at our Achema trade show stand. Originally launched as a digital sensor, Memosens has been developed further – creating a key technology that opens up new opportunities in process analytics. With our fully automatic, space-saving, intelligent and mobile solutions, we create unique benefits and greater flexibility. Learn how you can get the best from Memosens with Knick:


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Safer and more reliable: Liquid analysis with Memosens
The Memosens Academy shows how it works

Learn how Memosens works and why digital sensor technology solves many liquid analysis problems: Why are measurement problems caused by moisture and corrosion a thing of the past? And how quickly does an investment in Memosens amortize? Find these answers and more in the Memosens Academy.