…and the winners are

The following three persons won the Amazon gift cards in our competition:

1. Place: Bernhard P., DE (Gift voucher worth 500 Euros)
2. Place: Benedict R., DE (Gift voucher worth 250 Euros)
3. Place: Christian H., DE (Gift voucher worth 100 Euros)

We will inform the winners by email. The competition is now over, however the quiz questions can still be answered.

Become a Memosens Master

How well do you know Memosens and what is the extent of your basic knowledge of chemistry? For example, do you know the name of the chemist who introduced the term “pH” into acid/alkaline measurement in 1909 or what is saved in a Memosens sensor head? Then join in and guess with our quiz! If you don’t get it right the first time, you can answer again.

How do I become a Memosens Master?

The way to being a Master

The quiz is divided into several rounds in which you can earn the following titles one after the other:

  • Memosens Assistant (round1-3)
  • Memosens Bachelor (round 4-6)
  • Memosens Master (round 7-10)