Memosens @ Knick

The Memosens solutions by Knick offer the standard Memosens advantages plus additional benefits: The Sensors – the heart of every process – are the basis to profit from the advantages that Memosens as an open technology offers. With Knick process analyzers, automatic retractables and mobile as well as space-saving solutions, we offer you the extra step. Solutions that are designed with you in mind. For all purposes and a maximum of flexibility. Get the most out of Memosens with Memosens@Knick:


Memosens Sensors

pH/ORP Sensors

pH measuring loops require the high-resistance measurement of small voltage signals and must be interference-resistant as a result. For this field, interference-free inductive Memosens technology – from glass sensors to glass-free ISFET sensors – offers all the options of modern preventive sensor diagnostics.

Oxygen Sensors

Process reliability and low maintenance costs for dissolved oxygen measurement…

Conductivity Sensors

If you prefer to use intelligent preventive diagnostics and rely on the safety of inductive data transmission, Memosens technology is the only alternative. It covers a wide range from ultrapure water to concentrated acid and alkaline solutions.

For more details, see the product page from Knick

Space-saving Memosens Solution

How do you get high quality measurement when you have limited space?

When size matters: all the Memosens advantages in a small and compact housing. For more details, see the product page from Knick:

Mobile Memosens Solution

How do you find out if an error is caused by your sensor or your transmitter without interupting the process?

For full flexibility: the same sensor in the lab and in the process. For more details, see the product page from Knick: 

Fully automatic Memosens Solution

How do you ensure a maximum of availability and less maintenance effort?

For maximum availability: unattended operation. Guaranteed. For more details, see the product page from Knick:

Intelligent Memosens Solution

How do you ensure transparency of your sensor life cycle for ist optimal use?

For your daily needs: a complete programm of 2- and 4-wire process analyzers. For more details, see the product page from Knick:


The software for fast and easy calibration of Memosens sensors under defined laboratory conditions. Makes it possible to instantly replace sensors on site with pre-calibrated sensors. For more details, see the product page from Knick

The Film: Advanced Liquid Analysis – Memosens@Knick

The Brochure: Advanced Liquid Analysis – Memosens@Knick

Digital sensors with inductive signal transmission: Interference-free, cost-saving and maintenance-optimized For stationary and mobile use

Space-saving Memosens solution for monitoring CIP/SIP processes

Get to know how the compact transmitter MemoRail is being applied for monitoring CIP/SIP processes and what kind of Memosens benefits result.