Memory function plus inductive energy and data transmission for precise measurements.

Reliable data transfer

Moisture, potential interference and other harsh environmental conditions often pose problems for metallic sensor contacts. They can lead to reductions in sensor service life and may influence the measurement results. In order to eliminate problems like these, Memosens sensors are equipped with an inductive connection that is resistant to interfering influences.

Digital and contactless

Measured values are digitized in the sensor and transferred to the transmitter without contacts. Alongside bi-directional signal transmission, the inductive coupling also provides the power supply to the sensor. Perfect galvanic isolation ensures interference-free measurements, even under extreme potential conditions. Saving the calibration, sensor and process data in the Memosens sensor enables precise process control.

The Memosens principle solves typical problems occuring during liquid analysis

Due to the inductive coupling and the digital memory function measuring problems caused by moisture, corrosion and interference potentials etc. are no longer relevant.